Paper bag with a valve

We produce bags of this type in white and grey – with or without printing – and with HDPE barrier foil, with different types and directions of the valve location. We also make packages with a gradual release valve and thermo valve as well as with an ‘easy open’ bottom, a thumb cut and a special handle in the bottom for easy carrying of the bag.

We offer 1-3 layered valve bags with printing in up to eight colours and with the option of printing photo motifs. We produce bags with an interlayer in the form of an HDPE barrier film web and an inner PE coated layer. We make paper bags according to the the customer’s wishes and, as an option, perforation is possible on the entire surface or under the valve. We always go the extra mile to adapt what we offer to the packaging requirements of our customers.

Intended for packing

  • food products (frozen food, flour, concentrates, powdered milk, salt, rice)
  • chemical products (granules, PVC)
  • construction products (sand, plasters, adhesives)
Valve bags

  • grey and white
  • 1-5 layered
  • optionally HDPE tape or PE coated paper between layers

  • width: from 35 - 60 cm
  • length: from 46 - 95 cm
  • bottom width: from 8 - 17 cm
  • dimensions adjusted to the individual needs of the customer

Weight of 1 litre Width Length Valve Bag volume (kg) Bag volume (l) Medium/Filling
1,75 50 60 13 20,00 28,86 flour
1,75 55 60 13 25,00 32,76 flour
1,75 60 80 13 50,00 48,88 flour

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